My Due Date – An Uneventful Day

Well, it’s nearly 9 pm on the 26th of April, the day I’m due to have my second baby. As I predicted, the day has so far passed without event. The baby has three hours to appear on time and it’s looking somewhat unlikely! 

I’ve tried pretty much everything to get things moving but none of it is having any effect. In two pregnancies, I’ve never experienced braxton hicks at all. I’m fully expecting to have to be induced again, much to my disappointment. I even tried the power of Murphy’s law; I booked lunch at a lovely restaurant for today, thinking that if I made plans they’d be bound to go out of the window because I’d go into labour. Unfortunately, I was wrong. 

I am considering booking an appointment for acupuncture next week to see if I can avoid another induction, so if anybody has used this method successfully I’d love to hear all about it. I can’t have reflexology without an epidural, my feet are much too ticklish but I have no problem with the pain of needles being stuck into me. 

So other than that, the only thing I’ve got to do is wait…. 

Luckily, I have plenty of things to fill my time with while I’m waiting. Looking after Libby and deciding how I’m going to make enough money to keep us going before I can get back to working full time are the  main ones. So I suppose I’d better go and make the most of the time I’ve got, even if there will probably be another two weeks of waiting! 


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