Early Starters – it’s Competition Time!

This week, Libby and I have been lucky enough to be reviewing the latest books by Rod Campbell, creator of the much loved Dear Zoo. The new series is called Early starters and consists of these four fabulous books. 

Each one of them is based around a particular theme. “How many?” is a great introduction to counting, “My Day” follows the baby’s day and encourages children to name objects. “What’s That?” has lovely colourful page tabs and helps a child to learn about animals and things they might encounter in every day life. Libby’s particular favourite is “Can You?”. This follows the story of a baby that can open a present, look in a mirror and do various other tasks. It is a touchy feely book that allows the child to demonstrate that they can do all the things that baby can do. 

I initially wondered whether these books might be a little bit young for Libby now, but she completely disagreed. They are very educational and encourage basic learning in addition to the usual imagination that is generated through reading. Libby has insisted on reading all of the books many times over, finally settling on “Can You?” as her favourite, which we are now reading on repeat. This photo shows part of her decision making process! She loves “My Day” because it is great for her to read to herself if I’m busy. 

The fabulous people at Macmillan Children’s Books have given me a full set of these books to give away. If you know a toddler who might like them, please enter through the below Rafflecopter. They are gorgeous books and would suit babies from as young as you decide to read to them (day one in our case) through to around age three, at which point they are great for children to read (i.e. name the pictures) to themselves. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


33 thoughts on “Early Starters – it’s Competition Time!

  1. I would love to win these books for my baby boy who I have started reading to.
    He is only 12 weeks old and feel the earlier they start, the more he will turn into a bookworm like his Mummy

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