An ethical business

Since starting to run a brand new website, I know that people are keen to find out what it’s all about. Our ethics and ethos are really important to us as a company, so I’d love to tell you a bit more about them. 

Our website is a really different and exciting travel site because all holidays are available for people to win rather than buy! The concept is based on lowest unique bid auctions. The way it works is that people pay around £1 (it always works out less because of bid package offers) to bid on an auction for a holiday. Instead of the highest bid winning the holiday, it is the lowest unique bid that wins, i.e. the lowest bid that only one person places.

Before rebranding our website, we gave away two short breaks in Paris, a two week holiday to Phuket, Thailand and a two week holiday to Whistler, Canada. All winners were delighted with their holidays and couldn’t believe they’d won them for a matter of pence! We decided to rebrand our website with a new name and format to allow us to do more to support other small businesses and charities. We now run two types of mini-auctions.
The first type of mini-auctions are those in aid of designated charities. All money raised in our charity auctions goes directly to the charity that the auction supports. At the moment, we have two tickets for the Tottenham v Dnipro match on Thursday to give away. This auction closes at 10pm tomorrow (Wednesday 26th February) and all money raised will go to the amazing Street Child World Cup charity. We are also running an ongoing charity auction in which we will take 50 bids. You can win a fabulous recipe book and all money raised goes to the incredibly worthy Maternity Worldwide charity.
In our other mini-auctions, people can win small items related to holidays, all sourced from small British businesses and entrepreneurs. We are starting these auctions with two sets of luggage tags and matching passport covers. These were made by Meebee Designs, a fabulous British entrepreneur who makes her items out of reclaimed materials. They are handmade and exclusive. We pay full price for the items and we will take around 50 bids on them so that the odds of winning are amazing and we make enough to cover our costs for purchasing the items, plus hopefully a little bit towards the running costs of the site.
Regarding the holidays, we have two running simultaneously. Our first two holidays are based on the vacation vs staycation theme. This should be really interesting because UK holidays seem to be so popular at the moment and it will be interesting to see whether there is more interest in the vacation or the staycation. The vacation is to the South of France, the staycation is to New Quay in West Wales. Both are fantastic destinations and the accommodation is second to none. Again, we have paid full price for the holidays from British business people and we are aiming to cover our costs and take a small amount of profit to cover our website running costs. This will allow us to continue to host charity auctions without charging the charities anything.

Please do pay us a visit, you can support some amazing charities and win fantastic prizes. If you are a small business or charity who we might be able to help, we’d also love to hear from you.


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