Street Child World Cup

Today, I was approached in a work capacity and asked to support a truly amazing charity called the Street Child World Cup. Someone has generously donated two tickets to the Tottenham v Dnipro Europa League match on Thursday night (27th February). That’s why we’re running a really quick auction to give away the tickets, ending at 10 pm on Wednesday night (28th February).

I’m sure that Tottenham and the exciting Europa League fixture don’t need any introduction, so instead I’m going to tell you a bit about the amazing charity that we are raising money for.

Across the world, millions of children live and work on the streets. In 2014, this is nothing short of disgraceful. The Street Child World Cup is a global movement for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children are entitled to. March 10th 2014 will see the start of a 10 day tournament where street children from all over the world will represent their peers who live and work on the streets.

The aim is to give these children a voice through numerous projects that focus mainly on art and football. The Street Child World Cup itself is the culmination of work over the past four years and will raise awareness of the plight of the children. In this day and age, it is a travesty that a charity has to raise awareness for children who are denied such basic rights as a roof over their heads.

Whilst we appreciate that not everyone can drop everything and travel to White Hart lane on Thursday, if you are able to go to the match, this is a great opportunity to win tickets for next to nothing. It is also a fantastic opportunity to support an amazing charity that is really deserving of our support.


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