Silent Sunday


18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Wow that's impressive with a round door handle! I'm not sure that our cat will ever open this door because we've realised her trick & keep it locked (we've only had her a week so she can't go out yet), it's very clever though.x

  2. Thanks Kim! She's quite a character! we've only had her a week and even my husband loves her, he's currently playing with her having sworn he hated cats and he wouldn't like her 😉

  3. Yes, surprisingly so – I wouldn't usually go for a pedigree cat, she was a rescue looking for a home which is the only reason we've got her. I expected her to be a bit restricted owing to the terrible problems caused by the way people breed these cats, but she actually seems to be coping very well so far.

  4. Thanks Em, we're delighted she's such a character! She fits in so well, her and Libby have a new favourite game – they play pop the bubbles together with Libby's bubble kit, great fun! 🙂

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