The unexpected perils of guest blogging

As you are probably aware, much of my work involves promoting our website and making people aware of it. As part of this, I’ve been answering queries for people writing articles and submitting guest articles to websites. This is to assist with both general awareness and Search Engine Optimisation. Whilst I’ve done a little bit of this before, it has become more of a focus for me because I’ve got a bit of time to work on promoting the site while we wait for our web designer to get it ready. 

Because I’m promoting a business, it’s a lot of work to get people to accept my guest posts. Many people resent businesses trying to promote themselves through hard work rather than paying for advertising. For us though, we’re a small, new business, still trying to decide whether it is a viable idea that people will use. The hard work that I put in to both finding people willing to accept a guest post and writing the posts themselves is much more cost effective than paying someone to stick an advert somewhere. 

I’ve had a lot of setbacks but a few weeks ago, a lovely lady included one of my quotes in her article and linked it to our website. As you can imagine, I was over the moon. Unfortunately, when I saw the article, she had used a photo of me that she’d got from LinkedIn. This is entirely my fault, I hadn’t realised how truly awful the LinkedIn photo was. It’s tiny on the website, I had no idea just how incredibly fat I would look when it was full size. Before you ask, no, I won’t be providing a link to the article. The only person I’ve shown it to is my boss and she nearly fell off her chair laughing. I haven’t shown my husband and I have no intention of doing so. 

As you can imagine, as soon as I saw this article, everything had to stop then and there while I changed my LinkedIn photo to something less hideous. So when I got an email asking me to provide a guest article for a lovely blog last week, I was prepared. I was asked if I could provide a photo and I was happy to do so. I sent through one of me, and one of Libby and Soxa because it was a family article so I thought they might want to use both. My guest post was published a few days ago and I was really quite pleased with it. The only thing was, it didn’t do my ego much good – they left off the photo of me and just used the one of Libby and Soxa. 

So, not that I’m bitter, but this is my revenge. It’s not just me that doesn’t always look my best in photos… here is one of Libby taken this morning. 

If you would like me to write a guest post on your blog, please do get in touch. My main subject areas are travel, holidays, law and business but I’m certainly willing to give anything a go, I’d just ask for a single link back to our website. This would be written either as a relevant link in the article or as a link in a short author-bio. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to humour me by including a photo! 


4 thoughts on “The unexpected perils of guest blogging

  1. Hi hon – I don't know if I get the kind of traffic you need to promote your website but you're always welcome to post on the Maz Shack 🙂 I suspect what you and I count as 'fat' photos may differ greatly but if you're ever down our way I have a friend who's a great photographer – she did my Green Parent mag headshot on zero notice when I got home to find an e-mail requesting one by the end of the day!

  2. Aw thanks Maz, I'd love to do a post on your site some time please 🙂 We have a couple of friends who are amazing photographers but unfortunately despite their best efforts, when I put on weight it goes straight onto my face and I look horrendous! It's just another incentive to lose some weight once I've had the baby 🙂

  3. Hi

    Do not know if you ever have guest blogged on a foreign blog, but I would welcome guest bloggers on my blog if it can encourage my readers, I have a largely American readers and of course Nordic readers. It would perhaps suit would be maybe about travel locations worldwide please let me know. Here you get n link you can read the rules about guest blogging on my blog. Anita

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