Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Soxa is one of those dogs. She’s one of those dogs that is accident prone, always has some sort of health issues, takes medicine to stop her from leaking wee (that sometimes works but not always) and always goes the wrong side of a lamp post when she’s on the lead. But most of all, she’s one of those dogs that rolls in fox muck at every available opportunity. Filthy animal. So that’s why I was pretty delighted when I was offered the opportunity to review some fabulous ScruffyChops sugar doggy shampoo and ScruffyChops muddy marvellous conditioner. 

Soxa, on the other hand, wasn’t so delighted. She really isn’t a fan of the shower, and what dog actually wants to smell nice anyway? Here she is pre-shower demonstrating the standard “oh no, I’m going to be washed!” look

Sadly though Soxa, you were stinking so it had to be done. First a rinse down with the shower (nice and warm of course, we had to make it vaguely bearable). Then a nice massage with the shampoo. It smelt divine. Soxa, of course, disagreed. The lovely sweet smell of sugar smelt nothing like the fox muck odour she was going for. 

Once the shampoo was rinsed off, it was on with the conditioner and another nice massage that she really didn’t appreciate. Despite being given the name “muddy marvellous”, the conditioner actually smells amazing too. Again, Soxa would beg to differ. Anyway, once that was all rinsed off, then came the best bit in Soxa’s humble opinion – the towel dry. 

And then it was over. Being 4 months pregnant and lifting an overweight staffie cross (and a cross staffie cross at that) in and out of the bath wasn’t exactly fun for either of us. However, in my opinion, it was well worthwhile. Her coat looks lovely and she smells great. Of course, I wouldn’t have tested this product if it wasn’t natural and cruelty free. It is also vegan which I think is brilliant. Many thanks to ScruffyChops for providing me with a lovely smelling, slightly miffed dog! 


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