Converted to onesie wearing

I’ve never been very good at winter. Actually, I don’t mind the weather outside, brisk walks in the snow, sunny days when the ground is crisp from frost. I can even cope with the rain and wind as long as I’m out in the fresh air. The part about winter that gets to me is the inside bit. I hate having the heating on unnecessarily or having it on too high but I also hate being cold. 

Whilst I’m not the most sociable or fashion conscious person, even I didn’t manage to miss the onesie trend that started a few years ago. I’m really not one for keeping up with fashion though, or indeed for buying new clothes at all. That’s why I shrugged my shoulders and let it pass me by. 

That all changed recently though, when I was given the opportunity to try out a onesie from the Onesie Warehouse. I was still slightly unsure because I didn’t know whether they would have anything to suit my current pregnant figure. Luckily for me though, the staff there really know their stuff. They were able to recommend a onesie that is both lovely and warm and has a baggy fit. Baggy enough in fact to make me think that I will be able to wear it all winter! Here is the fabulous onesie they have sent me: 

Navy Blue Plain Hooded Cotton Mix Mens Women's Hooded Adult Onesie Perfect for printing. CUSTOMISATION AVAILABLE

Sadly this isn’t me wearing it, I’m on my own this evening and just couldn’t get a reasonable photo of myself! It’s safe to say that the model on the Onesie Warehouse website has a rather better figure than me too! If you fancy the onesie I’ve got, the link to it is here. This one is great for printing on if you want to customise it yourself. If I was a student I’d be getting a set customised for a sports team, especially at just £20 each!

They are also available in all different sizes, colours and patterns. I particularly love this fabulous green dinosaur! Having said that, I wouldn’t swap the one I’ve got for the world, it’s so comfortable and warm. I haven’t felt the cold once since I’ve been wearing it. It is so hard getting comfortable when pregnant that the onesie is a real bonus. When I get bigger, I’m going to wear my onesie and lie on my giant beanbag. Now all I need is a little helper to do the housework. Oh wait… 


6 thoughts on “Converted to onesie wearing

  1. Yeah I totally agree with you about it being healthy to have the windows open. I'm not too bothered these days as we get outside for around an hour every day but I think fresh air is so important. It definitely sounds like a onesie would be a good investment for you Cathy!x

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