To absent friends

At times like Christmas, the other side of the world seems such a long way away. It’s hitting me particularly hard this year because, having spent over 12 months working from home I don’t have friends who I see regularly. This isn’t helped by the fact that two really good friends and my cousin who I’m close to have all moved to New Zealand. 

Earlier this year, one of my friends came over from New Zealand with her family and we caught up with them all for a day. My sister’s boyfriend is a fantastic photographer and we were lucky enough to book him for a day for a photo shoot of us all together.

Last week, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review a great new website, As the name suggests, instajunction is linked to Instajunction allows you to print off your instagram photos in a variety of formats such as calendars, cufflinks, coasters and magnets. 

I always struggle to decide what to get for our friends in New Zealand because posting things really limits what you can buy. So I decided to get them the coasters and magnets from instajunction with some of the photographs of them on from our photo shoot. 

Using the website was really easy. I uploaded our photos to instagram through my phone to put them into the right format. I was then able to log on to instagram through instajunction to access the photos. Making the products couldn’t have been simpler, I just clicked on the photos I wanted to use on each one. It was equally easy to remove a photo if I changed my mind. I was on the instajunction website for a total of about 5 minutes including adding my delivery information. 

Just a couple of days later, the photographs arrived. 

On the left are the magnets and on the right are the coasters. I really like both products but I have to say I prefer the coasters. They’re great quality and the photos look really good on them. I’ve cut a few tops of heads off in putting the photos into the square format of instagram but other than that, they all look great. I really like the magnets too, but I think I’d like to have the option of having less of them but with each one in a larger size. The site’s still really new though so I’m sure there will be other options in the future. Both products will make great presents for our friends and they would make great Christmas presents for relatives too. 

The coasters retail at £14.99 and the magnets at £9.99. There is a small postage charge on top of that. If you like the idea of these as Christmas presents, you can use the discount code FRIEND25AL for a 25% discount on any orders you place by the 8th of December. 


4 thoughts on “To absent friends

  1. I love this, I use Instagram a little bit and it's great to know that you can get your Instagram square pictures printed off in exactly the same format. I love the pictures that you have chosen too Nat :). X

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