Reasons my kid is crying

Usually when I hear from Macmillan books, they are asking me to review one of their fabulous children’s books with Libby. That’s why I was so pleased when this time, they asked me to review a book that was one for me to read! 

Reasons My Kid is Crying by Greg Pembroke is a fabulous book that was published as a result of a photograph that Greg Pembroke had published online. The photograph was of his toddler in the depths of a tantrum, caused by the fact that he had broken his piece of cheese. Understandably, many parents related to this and sent photographs of their own children crying about slightly odd things. 

I particularly like this one:

And I’m equally fond of the little lad who can’t be any older than four who appears to be shedding proper tears over the fact that his parents wouldn’t let him get a tattoo. 
This is a great coffee table book, there are fabulous photos on each page and every one makes you chuckle. Parents and grandparents in particular will relate to it. I was delighted to see that there was one little baby girl crying because her parents had taken a glass of red wine away from her… I can sympathise with that, if someone took my glass of wine away, I’d cry too! 


4 thoughts on “Reasons my kid is crying

  1. You're very welcome to have a read Em, actually I was going to give it to your mum for Christmas because I thought she'd love it but Libby won't leave it alone, she absolutely loves it and it's got a bit scratty! I will bring it for you at lunch, I have another book for you too.xx

  2. Totally sounds like something I can emphasise with, and like a great Christmas gift! My kids cry for the most ridiculous reasons, so I am very happy to find they are not the only one!

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