Coping with morning sickness

When I was pregnant with Libby, my morning sickness consisted of being sick every morning, after which I felt pretty much ok for the rest of the day. This time I unfortunately haven’t been so lucky. 

I knew my morning sickness was going to be worse this time when I felt ill really early on in the pregnancy, probably at about 5 weeks. I was feeling nauseous all the time and being sick at random times during the day, which made looking after a 16 month old (and associated nappy changing) a total nightmare. 

I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of boxes of the delicious Lillipops iced soothies to try. These are ice-pops made of natural ingredients with no artificial colours or sweeteners. They are specially formulated for pregnancy and can help with a dry mouth and indigestion. Early on, these were enough to sooth my morning sickness too. During the latter part of my pregnancy with Libby, I suffered terribly with indigestion and ice pops were the only thing that helped. This time I will definitely be using Lillipops to help during the third trimester. 

As time has gone on this pregnancy, I haven’t been able to manage my morning sickness as well as working and looking after Libby. The doctor prescribed me phenergan, which I take morning and evening. This has helped a lot with the morning sickness and although I’m still not feeling great, I’m coping a lot better. 

As for Libby, how does she feel about being a big sister? 

I don’t think she quite understands! 


6 thoughts on “Coping with morning sickness

  1. Morning sickness is the worst. I get sick from the first few weeks I'm pregnant all day until the birth. My students thought I was really forgetful because I kept rushing out of the classroom to 'pick up photocopying' etc.. Icepops sounds like a great way to help with it. On the plus side, statistically folk who get morning sickness ten to have a healthy full term baby. Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

  2. Oh no how awful for you Maz, that must've been a nightmare having it all the way through. The tablets I'm on are really helping actually, I'm not usually one for tablets but I'd definitely recommend them if you need them in the future.xx

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