Inspired by the best!

It’s not often I write a post about Libby and her recent developments but this weekend she’s had a bit of an achievement that came at just the right time! 

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview double Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington. We chatted about how important swimming is for children and what a sense of achievement it is for them when they manage to swim alone. Well needless to say at just under 16 months old, Libby isn’t swimming on her own yet, but I think Rebecca’s influence must have rubbed off on Libby because her swimming came on in leaps and bounds yesterday. 

We have always tried to take Libby swimming every weekend. My husband and I are both swimmers and in addition to the safety factor, family days out will be a lot easier if Libby grows up enjoying it too. Yesterday my husband was at work so it was just me and Libby who went to the pool for a swim. We did our usual playing around, blowing bubbles and she did lots of jumps off the side and spent plenty of time being nosy watching all the other children. This time though, she paid more attention than usual to the long, tube-shaped woggle-floats, also known as swimming noodles. 

I have always given these to Libby to play with and a few times I’ve tried to get her to hold onto one or lie on it but she’s never got the hang of it. However, yesterday was different. I looped it across her chest and under her arm pits so that she was lying across it and the ends stuck up in the air and… off she went! 

The float now  supports her well enough for her to be able to swim along on her own. She has always kicked her legs and done some doggy paddle movements with her arms but I have to hold onto her to stop her sinking. Now though, just lying on the woggle is enough to keep her afloat and she can paddle off and do her own thing (with me next to her of course). She does fall off it and end up sinking occasionally but this doesn’t bother her at all. She has also worked out that if she wants a rest she can just put her legs down into a standing position and lean on the float. 

Libby was so proud of herself for swimming along without my help. Next step, totally independent swimming! 

It’s tiring work this swimming lark, no energy left for anything more than an apple and a rest! 


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