Dib Dab Disaster

Since she was tiny, Libby has always had the nickname Dib Dab. I’m not sure why really, just one of those things that seems to have happened. Over the past few weeks since she’s started walking though, she’s become little Miss Dib Dab Disaster. 

Every child goes through a falling over stage not long after they start walking, but Libby’s seems to be a bit more dramatic for several reasons. Firstly, she is spectacularly clumsy because she can’t see in three dimensions, resulting in her going to grab things and totally missing because she can’t see how far away they are. The second problem she has is that we have two large (friendly) dogs. The third problem is that I utterly refuse to wrap her in cotton wool. And finally, as I’ve started to realise over the last few days, the way she has always been treated is a bit of a problem too. 

Ever since she was about 4 months old, I’ve hardly ever put her in a pushchair. She is either in a carrier or she’s walking. This has led her to see herself as just the same as everyone else. Whilst she is particularly interested in children and babies, if she’s in the company of adults, she acts the same as they do. If we’re in the kitchen talking, she’s in the kitchen talking. If we’re running around the field, she’s running around the field. If we’re walking round the supermarket or down the street, so is she. Unfortunately, she’s just a bit too small to hold her own in these sort of situations. This has been rather aptly demonstrated over the past few days. 

Situation 1; running around the field. 

We take the dogs for a walk every day. When we’re a bit short of time, we just take them over to the field, let them off the lead and we all have a run around. The dogs are very gentle and careful with Libby as a general rule, but there’s no getting away from the fact that they’re much bigger and heavier than her. So when Soxa suddenly decided to get up and run without looking where she was going, poor old Libby came an absolute cropper. Soxa ploughed into her, knocked her flying through the air and caused her a thick lip. Luckily Libby was ok, and with a smile like this, Soxa is quickly forgiven for almost anything. 

Situation 2: Shopping. As we were walking towards the high street to do some shopping the other day, Libby was walking along holding hands and chatting with her aunty Sophie and aunty Alice. Unfortunately, chattering away as she was, she wasn’t concentrating on where she was going and lost her footing. The resulting face plant gave her another thick lip, with a little cut thrown in for good measure. 

Situation 3: Chatting in the kitchen. There are often a lot of people in our house and when I’m making tea or snacks, everyone tends to gather in the kitchen, including Libby. Unfortunately our kitchen is pretty small so yesterday when there were several of us standing in there chatting, Libby headed towards me just as I was turning around. The resulting crash between her and my knee sent her flying yet again and off she went head first into the dog’s water bowl. Thank goodness she bounces back quickly. I wonder what today’s disaster will be? 


12 thoughts on “Dib Dab Disaster

  1. Oh My God! Wow. Those are disasters indeed. Poor Libby 😦 I hope she's ok. It's both true and a good things kids bounce back quicker that us, but I'm sure it hell on you. I was an accident prone child, so I can assure you it does get better in that regard (though I have to admit it never goes away completely), but with the 3D things to deal with as an added bonus, it's so much harder to know what to do. Mine never really grasped the whole look where you are walking thing, so it is usually a very closed call inside and outside of the house…
    We also believe in walk on your own two feet and not sit in the pram, and as my youngest grew up in Gibraltar, he wasn't accustomed to holding hands while walking the streets (very safe, not a lot of streets. Or cars). When we moved to London we had a hell of a time teaching him to hold hands with us or his big brother while outside. I can't tell you how many times it saved his pretty little face…
    I hope you have an accident free day (or week. Or month) 🙂
    Thank you for writing this, and for linking it with #DreadfulDays.

  2. Thank you Orli! I am accident prone too so what with that to contend with and the vision thing, poor old Dib Dab has no chance! I love your linky, such a fabulous idea for us cynics who aren't all bouncy bouncy life is great! Thanks very much for letting me link to it, there are some fabulous posts on there too, I am working my way through them.xx

  3. All my older children have scars on their foreheads from some very nasty tumbles! Over adventurous… Well done for letting Libby feel like 'everyone else' – I'm sure she'll be so much better for it, even with the scrapes and bruises! And I agree, she is so very cute.

  4. Oh she is just so cute (Libby I mean, not the dog!!). I was knocked off my feet by our dog when I was 15 years old 🙂 Funny how children can cope with anything!!! I have two clumsy ones too – it can be frustrating, can't it?! x

  5. Thanks Steph! Yeah I guess dogs can knock you over any time, at least there's not so far to fall at Libby's age! Yes, it is pretty frustrating but I'm clumsy too so there was no chance for her really!x

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