And then there were 7… is this the culprit?

This morning the weather was reasonable and Libby was in a good mood, so we headed off to see the ducks and play on the park. We went with my mum, who was really excited to show Libby all the ducklings. 

Mum went to the park a few days ago and there was one mother duck with 11 ducklings. It was with a combination of disappointment and horror that she realised that there are now only seven. We watched the ducks for a while and then headed off on our merry way to play on the slide. That’s when we spotted an unexpected visitor… 

My mum was convinced that this guy was guilty of the duckling massacre. I’m not so sure, there are such huge fish in the pond that I’m not so sure he’d waste his time on the tiny little ducklings… what do you think? 


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