A guest post from Libby

Hello I’m Libby. My mum and dad are doing the Malvern Acorns half marathon so they said that I could do the 1Km race that’s on at the same time. I’m doing it with my aunty Emma but I’m worried that she will slow me down a bit even though I can’t walk yet.

I’m 11 months old now and I will be doing the race when I am 1. My number arrived yesterday and I’m number 111. My mum works for a company called Win My Holiday Home.com. Last week they gave away a holiday for 1p. Sam who owns the company said that she will donate £111 to charity for every magazine or newspaper that tells my story. I hope that I will raise £1,111. If you would like to sponsor me £1 I would really appreciate it. If you’re really generous, maybe you could even sponsor me £11 or persuade your company to sponsor me £111 like Sam.

My dad said I could choose 1 charity to fundraise for but he says I’m indecisive like my mum, so I’ve chosen 4. I have set up a just giving page for all of the charities, so you can choose your favourite 1 to donate to if you would like to sponsor me. These are my charities:

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. They look after cats and dogs that nobody wants. I don’t know why nobody wants them, I want to bring them all home to live with us but dad says two dogs is enough. Mum says my dog Pluto used to live there when nobody wanted him but I don’t believe her because everybody wants Pluto. They can’t have him. He’s my best friend.

Maternity Worldwide. In some places in the world, mums die when they have their babies because there is nobody there to help them and look after them. Sometimes, the babies die as well. Maternity Worldwide are trying hard to stop this from happening.

Ataxia UK. My granddad’s friend has got Ataxia. This can make it very difficult for him to move and speak. Not many people know about the illness but quite a lot of people have got it. It’s not very nice so the charity help people who have got it.

Acorns Children’s Hospice. They look after children who aren’t very well. These children need to be looked after all of the time even when they’re bigger children. Acorns help the children and the whole family. Also, they organised the race that I’m doing and I want to say thank you to them for it because I am looking forward to it. I will probably beat aunty Emma.

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