Zoe and Beans

This morning, I could hear the postman struggling to push a parcel through the letterbox. I was convinced I’d probably won some sort of competition, or my husband had bought me a surprise present. As if. But no, I should have known, it wasn’t for me. None the less, it still raised a smile when I opened it. 

Libby was lucky enough to receive three beautiful Zoe and Beans books to review. Two of the books were nice chunky card books- Zoe and Beans: Look at Me! and Zoe and Beans: How Many Pets?. We got to work on those straight away and Libby was immediately a fan! 

The illustrations in both books are fabulous, lovely and bold and clearly very attractive for a baby. They are also really short so even Libby’s tiny little attention span coped fine with them. As animal lovers, Libby and I both liked the How Many Pets book the best. Libby is only 11 months old so she is too young to be learning her numbers, but she is learning her animals. She has been saying “cat” and “dog” for a couple of months but has recently learnt to say “moo” so the page with the large, nicely illustrated cow on it was particularly exciting! 

I am really impressed with the fact that the learning from these books can go right through from Libby’s age owing to the illustrations, all the way to when she starts to learn numbers one to ten. They are both written in a lovely rhyming way as well, which made it much easier to hold her attention with them. 

Along with these card books, we received a paperback version of Zoe and Beans: Hello Oscar. This book is aimed at a slightly older age group, so it is a bit longer and has more of a story to it. That’s why we saved it for this evening and Libby had it as her bedtime story. Her dad always reads the bedtime story to her, and I can usually hear her from downstairs protesting when she gets a little bit bored. 

Unusually though, I didn’t hear a peep out of her today. She loved Hello Oscar. Whilst aimed at an older age-group, this book still has the same lovely bold style of illustrations. It tells the story of Zoe and Beans exploring in the garden and meeting lots of different animals and then their neighbour, Oscar. It is just the right length for a bedtime story. Move over Bunnikins, we’ve got a new favourite! 


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