A business in the balance

Tomorrow is the last day of the Win My Holiday Home competition to win a trip to Paris. The competition is a lowest unique bid auction costing £1.00 per bid. At the moment, less than 100 people have bid on it. The winner of the auction is likely to end up paying a matter of a few pence for their holiday. So now a decision has to be made as to where we take the business from here. 

It’s very difficult to know at this point whether we will continue with the lowest unique bid auction model and, if so, how we will market it. Very few people currently know about us or our competition. This auction has been very experimental, we have only advertised in one online magazine, Female First, where we have run a free competition, also ending tomorrow. 
I like to think that we will try another auction with a bit more marketing behind it. I hope that people will trust us a bit more once we have a winner who is able to vouch for us that we are genuine and they had a great holiday. Our aim is to grow the business large enough to make a bit of a profit so that it’s worth our while and we can give some money to our fabulous partner charity, Maternity Worldwide. You can read all about them on our website

In the meantime, the odds of winning a trip to Paris are probably better than you’ll find them anywhere else. Even if we don’t end up pursuing the business, somebody is going to have a fabulous holiday that only costs them a few pence. I’ve been over to our apartment in Paris and it’s absolutely lovely. I’m so excited about finding out who the winner is tomorrow night and letting them know over the weekend!


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