The curse of the work at home mum

Last night I was running up the road trying to decide how long to run for. If I only went for a short run, it wouldn’t benefit me much in my half marathon training. But if I went for a longer run, Libby would be at home getting upset because she was ready for me to feed her. Of course Libby won. This set me off thinking about the good and bad points of working from home.

Since working for Win My Holiday Home, there have only been a handful of days that I’ve been away from Libby. I absolutely adore my job and I love spending so much time with her. But the one overriding thing that keeps nagging at me is the guilt. In everything I do, there is a little voice telling me that I should be doing something else. 

If I’m walking the dogs, I’m always feeling a bit guilty that I’m not working. Now though, I’m sat inside doing some work, the sun is out, the baby is asleep and I feel a bit guilty that I’m not outside with the dogs. 

When I’m with Libby and we’re playing, I always think I should be in front of the computer getting some work done. Then, when my husband gets home and takes Libby off my hands, she cries and wants to come back to me so I feel bad for her but work has to take priority. 

My half marathon is only two months away now, so I really do need to fit some training in. Whenever I’m not running there is always a little nagging doubt in my mind that perhaps that’s what I should be doing. 

And since Libby came along, I’ve had hardly any time to walk the dogs at the local animal shelter where I used to volunteer. Of course, I think about them every day and feel terrible that I’m letting them down. 

But all these things aside, working from home is definitely the right decision for me. This was confirmed to me about an hour ago when I got Libby out of her high-chair after lunch, popped her on the floor and, aged 10 1/2 months, she took her first unaided steps. So to all the doubters, Libby has a message for you…


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