The complex case of the domestic moggy

I had to take our little old cat Simba to the vets this morning. She seemed so poorly yesterday, hardly moving from her bed so I thought that I might be coming home without her. Luckily this morning, she has bucked up a bit and is back to bossing me around and demanding food and milk. So instead of an empty cat basket, I’ve come home with new insight into the world of the domestic cat… and an air freshener! 

Simba was a rescue cat about 10 years ago. We were told that she was 3 years old, but it turned out that when the vet examined her after we got her, he thought she was between 6 and 9. Which would put her at between 16 and 20 now, so a proper old lady. We had her along with her sister, who sadly died this time last year of renal failure so when I took Simba to the vets today I really was expecting the worst. But it turns out that the state Simba is in is pretty normal for older cats. Her back legs are going a bit weak, but apparently that’s not because of any health conditions or because she’s in pain, but because she’s forgotten where they are! She is also really skinny so she’s had a steroid injection and some vitamins to help her. 

Whilst I was there, I mentioned that I was concerned that Simba might be a bit stressed because she now lives with two big dogs (although it’s Simba that rules the roost) and, more stressful for all concerned- a baby. So, the vet tells me that stress can play a huge part in health problems with cats, and it turns out the solution is an air freshener- for cats! I’ve paid £28 for a pheromone plug-in air freshener that gives out the same smell as hormones that cats secrete when they rub their faces around things. This smell is supposed to reassure them and prevent stress. Fingers crossed for you Simba, hope it works! 

Here is my beautiful Simba when she was in her prime. 


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